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Embracing our F’s. (Falls, frailties, faults, and failures) 🙏😉

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3. October 2014

If she’ll come back, then the “realization of my importance” must’ve been the reason. If she won’t, then the “realization of my self-worth” must take place. Constantly telling myself not to hold on to anyone who’s not willing to stay on the first place. If you already did your part accordingly, then the fault isn’t in you. Once in our lives, someone is going to love us too much that it scares us. Some people realize who it is, and sometimes, we realize who it was. The saddest part of a unsuccessful relationship is that one starts caring when it’s already too late. Don’t be decieved by the belief that if the feeling is real then it won’t change, because even the strongest drug expires, how much more with the strongest feeling if ignored?! 😉

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