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Teenager days. Haha! 😁💁😂 #tbt #ThrowbackThursday #disiotsoanyos #galingsabaul
I agree, Audrey! So much feels. ❤😉💁😁
High noon work-out!! ☀💪💛😉👊 #deadtired #timeinterval #cardio #conditioning #resistance  (at CMG Gym - House of Pain)
Hello there, girl crush! 😍😘💁🙈❤ @irachernova
Fly. 😉
Sisters by heart! ❤👯😉 #13yearsandcounting #wefies #after48years @heyheyliezl 😘😊
Back it up with a strong heart! 😉💪❤
13. September 2014

"One day, you will let go of his hand for the both of you. He will beg for you to come back to bed, his words will tear right through your skin and into your chest, where you are keeping yourself safe. Sometimes, leaving is the most important part of loving someone." 💔
- Emma Bleker